Ministry Events and/or CLEAN entertainment for most ANY occasion!

Ministry Events and/or CLEAN entertainment for most ANY occasion!

Good Clean Fun!

Holidays are coming and going and coming and....

I'm looking at my calendar in, somewhat, disbelief.  December 2nd?  Really?  Seems like just last night I was driving into our neighborhood and seeing the waves of "trick-or-treaters" on our street.  And THAT was over a month ago!  Since then Julie and I have made a journey back to Texas to see our new grandson, Pierson, in Alvin. (Reid and Brittany have a new son, and Atticus has a new brother!)  We celebrated Thanksgiving there, and were blessed to see many others of our Texas family as we made our way back to Colorado.  And now we look forward to going to Florida in March.  Rachael and Michael will have a new daughter OR son, Grant will have a new little sister OR brother, and Julie and I will have grandbaby number four!

But today I will be busy getting the Christmas lights up outside, and Julie will be taking care of the  indoor decor.  Tonight I'll get started on the Christmas cards; tomorrow I'll be working on Christmas music with our kids at church, getting ready for their presentation NEXT weekend. Of course there are parties to attend, banquets to entertain,  and, I suppose,  shopping to do. (Yikes.)  Like everyone else.......busy, busy, busy.

But, though the very thoughts of a hectic schedule can make me weary, I sit here remembering at THIS moment what this season is really all about.  A Baby.  A Prince of Peace.  A Savior.  A Gift from God who loves me.  And because of THAT Gift, I......and YOU......are offered forgiveness, hope,  peace......and everlasting life.  And a life NOW of meaning and purpose.  The "stuff" that can be bought at the store.....or on Amazon.....may offer temporary happiness, but the gift of Jesus offers complete and forever!

We pray YOUR Christmas season is filled with all the wonderful benefits of knowing PERSONALLY this Jesus, who came to earth the first time as a baby, but will come again someday as a King!!!

                                                        Merry Christmas!!!